Fashion is considered one of the most polluting chains in the world, concerning the use of toxic chemicals, water pollution and waste. About 35% of the global total of microfibers in the oceans comes from clothing and textiles.

Despite this, the materialistic values and the widespread desire for new things, twinned with the need to create and sell different styles in short fashion cycles, have reduced the functional value of clothing, making it easily disposable and put profits ahead of human rights. About 100 billion items of clothing are produced each year and 50% of fashion items are disposed of within a year.

Additionally, we often forget that one in 6 people on the planet work in the fashion industry supply chain, from cotton fields to mills to garment factories and only 2 percent receive a living wage.

We want to limit the volume of waste created by fashion through the sale and rental of second-hand clothes. This will simultaneously give clothes a longer life, while reducing the use of materials and CO2 emissions.


The item search is location-based which will have an extra positive carbon footprint impact since it removes packaging, shipping waste and pollution.

Chicfashic opens the doors of infinite wardrobes everywhere in the world. At the same time, you can minimize your impact when travelling seeing as you no longer need to transport everything.

But, Chicfashic is also about creating bonds with others and raising awareness about fast fashion!

In fact, meeting people face to face allows you to share your values, whilst also raising awareness about fast fashion industry’s environmental and social impact, related to the poor conditions of workers in the textile sector.

Lets take a step in the opposite direction of individualistic trends in society.

YOU, are part of our mission to make the future sustainable.

So join our community today!