Our Volunteering Opportunities

Be part of the community by volunteering with Us

Sustainability is the future. Our future depends on the choices we make, and our goal is to help create awareness about making sustainable choices. At Chicfashic, fashion meets sustainability. Being stylish while helping the environment is possible! Join us and let’s give our clothes a second chance of happiness. Help create a more sustainable world while having fun by joining one of our four committees.

Social Committee

Create an engaging community of sustainability-minded people! Through our Social Committee, you have the opportunity to bring members together in a creative and social atmosphere. Social activities can include (virtual) drinks, outings and exchanges for our members to get to know each other. The primary goal of the social committee is to foster strong relationships and create an open, friendly environment to establish a sustainable community.

Event Committee

Outreach and engaging activities are the key to spreading awareness, building skill sets and bringing people closer together. Events are a platform for self-development, building connections, learning new tools and exchanging ideas. Our Events Committee has the creative capacity to organise events such as lectures, workshops, clothes swaps, and more.

Content Creation Committee

Share your ideas on how to change the course of the fashion industry! The Content Creation Committee is for those brimming with ideas and creative energy to spread the word of sustainability. In this committee, you have the opportunity of spreading a message by making your ideas come to fruition on the Chicfashic social media platforms. We spread our message through Instagram, Facebook and the blog on our website.

Video Content Creation Committee

A picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth thousands more! The Video Committee will help Chicfashic shine online and offline by creating informative and interesting videos. As a member of the Video Committee, you also have the opportunity to help manage and structure the website and bring your creative ideas into the world. Armed with a sense of humour, a command of video-making tools and enthusiasm, you can help make the world more sustainable.

In exchange of your commitment you will receive

🌿 Open-access and support in sustainable lifestyle building from our resources.
💰 Discounted prices for Chicfashic Organization sourced events
🟢 A member sticker! (use this at our partners for our exclusive benefits)
💁‍♀️Exclusive access to events for members only
🥂 Free access to our monthly social events hosted by the social committee 
📃 Membership contract (and if you join a committee, you will also receive a certificate validating the work you have done for us)

Skills that you will be learning/ developing by working for us:

💪  Team Building and effective teamwork
🔮 Strong communication and problem-solving skills
⬆️ Leadership 
🧶 Industry specific experience
💻 Build your professional network
💎 Highlight your initiative, motivation and enthusiasm to employers 

How to get involved

If you would like to find out about the volunteering opportunities we have, book an appointment with one of the team.

We look forward to hearing from you!