What We Do

All meaningful changes start with an all around approach

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and clothing production often relies on exploitative salaries and dangerous working conditions for workers.
Chicfashic platform fundamentally change our approach to clothes by finding ways to make the clothes we have last longer and reducing the production of new clothes.
To rent or buy an item, you meeting up in person for the exchange – an opportunity for users to get know each other and share their ideas about sustainability. 
Chicfashic wants also to educate others about the dangers of fast fashion, and it is offering monthly workshops. ‘We want people to know that we can fix things, and experience pride and happiness by doing so’. 
Last but not least Chicfashic is about investing in the innovation and technology sector with the aim of creating new textiles and taking care of the current textile waste. 

Educational Workshops


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