Have you been shopping online during the COVID-19 lockdown? Planning your summer wardrobe? Perhaps you been dreaming of your ‘exit-outfit’ and what you might wear if you still manage to steal a couple of weeks summer holiday this year… but, with online delivery reduced to essential items, people shut indoors and a sudden lack of social and financial security for many, it is highly unlikely new clothes are on the top of your priority list. Fantastic, you say! Finally you don’t have to feel guilty for treating yourself to new top with this month’s pay-slip, finally you feel you are doing something good for the broken fashion industry (and for your pocket), and on your way to becoming a more conscious consumer.

Win-win, no?

The unfortunate flip-side of this is that our most favoured fast-fashion brands, suddenly and unexpectedly unable to convince us that we NEED that latest under-priced top, are turning against the very source of their great income: their suppliers.

“How can brands so easily abandon the manufacturers and garment workers who produced the products upon which they have amassed great wealth?”

Yes, you heard that right – according to this illuminating article for Forbes and a recent report by the Centre for Global Worker’s rights “western fashion brands… have reportedly cancelled over $2.8 billion in orders as the COVID-19 crisis escalates.” The result? Factories lose pre-arranged contracts and some of the world’s most vulnerable workers (1.2 million of them, to be precise) are being sent home without pay (and many without the possibility of temporary compensation).

“72% of buyers refused to pay for raw materials (fabric, etc.) already purchased by the supplier… 91% of buyers refused to pay for the… production cost and … 58% of factories … shut down most or all of their operations.”



Interested? This is your challenge: 

Open your wardrobe and select 5 garments that you once loved but now have lost their shine.

Take some nice photos

Go to Chicfashic.com and register to set up an account.

Post your items for either swap or sell and the price you’d like.

Try not to check back every 5 minutes… 😉

It’s that simple! And such a refreshing way to refresh your wardrobe!

How to optimise your chances of success?

Ask yourself – would I want to buy this?

Take a great photo – we recommend next to a window so the light is nice and either hung on a coat-hanger or flat on the floor

Make sure the garment is clean and pressed

Write a great description and include the size!

Check https://www.chicfashic.com/shop right now and see what’s available already!

Did you know? Our delivery is organised via bike courier so you really are saving the planet…

Ready? Start swapping!