Sustainable Shopping

Recycling has never has never been this much fun!

Chicfachic is a second hand market place and a fashion community that gives you the opportunity to do something good and fun with your clothes and make some money in process! Users have the option to rent or sell their clothes, and they can browse other uploads to either buy or swap an item with. The interactions between users make Chicfashic a unique space. Item searches are location based in order to remove excess emissions from packaging and shipping. 

The platform opens the doors of infinite wardrobes everywhere in the world. At the same time, you can minimize your impact when traveling seeing as you no longer need to transport everything. We are both local and global!!!

How it works

Selling/renting clothes and accessories safely and in three easy steps:

  1. Register for free and create your local and global closet profile.
  2. Look for fashion clothes and accessories  or Take some cute snaps of those unwanted clothes and post them to your profile. Try to take at least a couple of photos. Don’t forget to add a location!
  3. Connect with a seller/renter, schedule an appointment , and pay all through chicfashic’s trusted services.
  4. Meet up with the other sustainable fashion lover!
  5. Share your experience with other users  and share the love of your good experience with buyers/sellers. This ensures you are recycling not only your clothes, but also creating bonds with others and raising awareness about fast fashion

How do I swap?

  1. Register for free and create your local and global closet profile.
  2. Take photos of your clothing or accessories you want to swap or check for item in the swap category.  
  3. Send a message to the other member asking if she/he does want to swap her/his item with the items you have in your online wardrobe
  4. Then you should both click buy on the items you’re swapping.
  5. Once you have both ‘bought’ your items in this way, you’ll both receive the payment for your item(s) – this means you’ll only pay the administration costs (minimum 1€) for your deal!

Administration costs will be used for our projects:

Good to know:

Using the Chicfashic system to swap your items ensures that the swap will be safe, protected and supported by the Chicfashic team! If you choose to swap outside the Chicfashic system and you receive a damaged item or it doesn’t match its catalogue description, we won’t be able to help you.

In any case, if you’re having any problems, please contact our Support Team and we’ll do our best to help you!

Keep in mind


No product is cashback! We have a safe system where a seller only receives his money when you are happy with the product. If you paid for your reservation outside of chicfashic (for example, a wire or bank transfer), you may have paid for a fraudulent reservation. To get help, let us know immediately!


Take nice photos of your products with a small file size ( 20Kb-30Kb at most), upload them and enjoy meeting new people and showing off your wardrobe. 

Not happy with your shopping? You can ask for a refund! 

That’s it! Buyers will receive the refund within 5 to 10 days!

There are no fees to refund a charge but the fees from the original charge are not returned.


A refund can only be done ONLY BEFORE a transaction has been marked as completed by the buyer.


Enjoy your sustainable shopping!