What are cookies?

Cookies are small (text) files that are stored on your computer or phone when you use certain parts of our website chicfashic.com (“Website”). The browser stores these cookies when you visit our Website, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. These cookies will be collected when you visit our Website again. This ensures that our Website recognizes you as a previous visitor.

Why do we use cookies?

By using cookies we can see how our Website is used and how we can optimize our Website and services. Cookies also help to make the Website fast and secure. 

Can I delete my cookies?

Yes, you can delete the cookies yourself in your internet browser. We suggest consulting the help section of your browser or taking a look at http://www.aboutcookies.org. the About Cookies website which offers guidance for all modern browsers.

Which cookies are used?

At Chicfashic we make a split between the following types of cookies:

Functional cookies: without these cookies the Website will work very limited, because, for example, you cannot put fashion in your shopping cart, we cannot set a language and you cannot log in.

Analytical cookies: with these cookies we gain knowledge about how users use the Website, so that we can make our platform a little better every time.

Tracking cookies: we use these, among other things, to ensure that you get items in your feed that match your style.

Recomendations for keeping everyone safe and preventing the spread of germs 

Safety is our priority, so we are encouraging contact-free rental item exchange for both items owners and renters. This means placing the rental/shopping items on the ground at the door, stepping 6 feet back, and waiting for the item to be collected. Please wait to confirm visually that the item has been picked up, and do not leave the items unattended at any point.

Launder items with laundry soap or household detergent. Consider using a detergent that contains bleach. However, be sure to read the product description and guidelines to avoid potentially ruining certain clothing items.

Consider soaking clothes in a solution containing quaternary ammonium before washing them.

Choose the warmest available water setting. The WHO recommend water temperatures between 60–90°C (140–194°F). However, high temperatures can damage or shrink delicate clothing items, so remember to read the care labels.

Dry clothing completely.Disinfect laundry baskets with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite or one of these household disinfectants, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have approved.