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The Chicfashic team of experts have a broad repertoire of knowledge on all things sustainable fashion. We provide you with the tools and materials to understand the key sustainability issues, as well as solutions, in the fashion industry. Join us and learn with Chicfashic!

Practical Skills

Hands-on skills can get you a long way. Chicfashic can help you maintain apparel for a long time, develop artful and practical skills, and, get an in-depth understanding of what you wear. Join our workshops to acquire practical skills such as mending, patching, sewing, and repairing damaged clothing and textiles.

Contact us for informative sessions to learn how to refresh your wardrobe and extend the life of clothes.

Materials for Fashion

What is the impact of the clothes you wear? What is real leather vs. fake leather, or how does mass production of fibers  affect the environment? Chicfashic founder Dr Fabiola Polli provides insightful workshops and information sessions to help you understand what materials mean for sustainable fashion. 

For a detailed impact analysis of your business or fashion initiative, we provide comprehensive consultation services.

Curious to learn about materials and textiles? Contact us for an informative seminar or consultancy session.

Sustainable Fashion Committee

Spreading awareness is the first step to changing the world. We strive to create a fashion industry that values people and the environment in equal measure. Join our cause and start your own sustainable fashion initiative! Would you like to discuss ideas? We are happy to contribute to a circular community!

Academic Projects

For students, we offer the opportunity to develop academic and thesis related projects. Chicfashic is keen to assist knowledge production. Sustainable fashion spans across academic disciplines, ranging from molecular biology, to marketing and economics.

Are you looking to research sustainable fashion and do you want an impactful project? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

See below some examples of our previous graduate students.

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Get an introduction to key sustainability issues in the fashion industry

Learn artful and practical skills to mend, patch and repair damaged clothing and textiles

Refresh your wardrobe and extend the life of clothes

Know what materials means for sustainable fashion

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