Clothes for Humanity

Chicfashic is committed to support humanitarian organisation which shares our commitment to making a difference in communities that most need support.

We established a collaboration with Grow and Thrive Foundation providing them clothes to wear, especially for children. Specifically, clothes that don’t find a buyer are collected and then donated to Grow and Thrive Foundation creating a circular system that helps people in need instead of generating waste. 

Grow and Thrive Foundation aims to help poor children and women who makes Mud Bricks in Patokki in Pakistan. They provide food, healthcare and education to 700 children and their families.

At Chicfashic we recognise the importance of education in enabling every individuals to grow their understanding, skills and motivation so that they do not have to repeat the patterns and struggles suffered for generations by their relatives. We are pleased to be able to support Grow and Thrive Foundation as they work to develop solutions, and advocate for a healthy environment and society.