About Chicfashic

In 2018, Dr Fabiola Polli, the founder of Chicfashic combined her scientific knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology together with sustainability. Aided by her aptitude for business and her Italian fashion roots, a revolutionary platform was born.

Chicfashic strives to educate people about the significance of second-hand fashion in combating climate change and the adverse impacts of the fast fashion industry. Our approach creates local and global communities, and, builds a closed-loop system that eliminates waste.

Second-hand doesn’t equal second best! The main goal of Chicfashic is to shift people’s mindsets. Chicfashic reimburses that feel-good feeling of shopping online while staying environmentally-friendly.


On our website, you can buy, sell, rent or swap pre-loved clothes. We encourage people to meet up locally, to have the possibility to exchange apparel with other members of their community.

This, we believe, creates a sense of bonding and brings people with a similar mindset closer to each other. We aspire to engage and empower local communities to spread awareness on environmental justice and sustainability.

Our aim is to create one platform where people from Groningen, Milan and cities worldwide come together and create an active community for sustainable fashion.